It’s okay to have questions, We’ve got the answers!

+ Q. how many photos do you provide?

A. Honestly I don’t have a number set on how many images we provide, it depends on the time we are booked, the amount of details, number and cooperation of guests, how much time we get to photograph you as the bride and groom… it just all depends. If you have a 8 hour wedding you can bet on at least 600 images up to 1000 no doubt. Ask to see some galleries for reference!

+ Q. do you have back up shooters to cover if you are sick or can’t show?

A. YES! We have a great network with other Houston Wedding photographers in the area that we can count on, though we have never missed a wedding even when Jess broke her foot and shot an entire wedding on a scooter, while climbing up stairs on her hands and knees to make it happen….100% dedication yo

+ Q. will you photograph an lgbt+ wedding?

A. DAMN. It’s 2020 bro. I hate that you even have to ask this question. You deserve to have people that care enough about you and not look at you like dollar signs for their portfolio. What we offer is a service and we provide the service just like any other business should. We love the few couples we have served in the LGBT+ Communities and we hope to serve more beautiful souls like them. Feel free to ask any questions on the inquire page!

+ Q. How Do you backup our photos?

A. As soon as we get home from your event we are backing up your images in 3 ways.

  1. Two different hard drives

  2. Online Cloud

  3. AND we never format any cards until a wedding has been delivered!

+ Q. do you have back up equipment?

A. YOU BET. We wouldn’t dream of showing up with our back up cameras AND lenses!

+ Q.do we get a print release?

A. You get a print release to print you heart out where ever you desire! ALTHOUGH we recommend printing straight through the online gallery so we can guarantee the color match from our edits! Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and even SHUTTERFLY are the worst because they don’t print true to tone. So if you go with someone else we cannot guarantee the colors looking the same. Ordering through the gallery is inexpensive for the quality that you get!

+ Q. can you travel for a destination wedding?

A. Our passports are to date and our bags are READY! Lets GO!

+ Q. Do you have Liability Insurance for your business?

A. YES! THIS IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT QUESTION TO ASK ALL VENDORS YOU HIRE. We can provide this to your venue as majority do ask that your vendors have this. All of our second shooters and Associate photographers have General liability coverage so this way if our $600 flash gets knocked over we can get that covered and replaced. Rest assured that you are covered when hiring us old pro’s.

+ Q.What is the turnaround time for our wedding?

A. On average its 4-6 weeks and depends on the time of the year! If you get married in a heavy season like March-May or OCT-NOV max time is 8 weeks. But we always deliver on time! PLUS not to mention our 24HR sneak peek policy is pretty darn unheard of in our area!

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