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Christina & Gage

Today’s wedding vows had everyone crying their eyes out.

It was something that you only read about in fairy tales. .
These two are forever some of the most amazing humans I’ve gotten the pleasure to know. .
Gage is such a caring, supportive, Superman for his wife Cristina. He makes sure she eats gluten free foods so she doesn’t get sick, he took her to this museum on one of their very first dates bc it’s what he could afford as a youngin in school. .
Cristina is all about trees, animals, loving the planet and it’s wonders… especially butterflies which is the reason gage brought her here in their first date and since then it’s been their favorite place in Houston. It’s funny because we all know how extra Cristina is… but it’s the perfect amount of extra that she would cut a hoe if someone hurt one of her friends or a butterfly lol 😂

I just call my friends like this:

A little bit classy,
And a little hood 💅🏼

But honestly I’m so freakin happy that I was given this opportunity to be here and support them

and allllll the beautiful butterflies 🦋
Today was beautiful!

Venue: The Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science




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