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LGBTQ Luxe: A Refined, Classic Spring Wedding at Peach Creek Ranch | Blaine + Anthony Galindo

Neutral tones, rustic-inspired details and classic co-ordination brought refined sophistication to Peach Creek ranch in an enchantingly stylish celebration of Pride.

When you hear the phrase ‘LGBTQ’, the first thing that springs to mind is usually a rainbow: vibrant colors, the waving of flags and an all singing and dancing parade in celebration of pride… cue the confetti!

But the BEST thing about celebrating love inclusively is that just as no two couples are exactly the same, neither are their visions for how they want to celebrate coming together, and regardless of how you choose to identify or label your love there are no rules for how your day should look.

When Blaine and Anthony shared with us the vision for their big day, we fell in love: A classic, luxurious ceremony at Peach Creek ranch in Texas, which would be complimented with a neutral palette and minimal details to highlight the venue’s existing beauty and focus all the attention on them and their families. Having shot weddings in Texas for over a decade we’ve been lucky enough to experience more styles than we can count – from intimate woodland elopements without a single guest to extravagant ceremonies where the venue has been transformed by florals, colors and concepts beyond recognition – and in getting to know Blaine and Anthony we knew this vision would be the perfect fit for their deep connection and timeless sense of style.

…And we were totally right!

Every detail was spilling with personality and creativity (our favorite HAD to be the cake topper!) and the luxe white details paired with woodland textures made for the perfect blend of rustic and luxury… these are the types of details that will NEVER go out of style, and they managed to feel vintage yet modern all at the same time and were the perfect backdrop for Blaine and Anthony who stole the show with their best blue steels and freakin’ KILLER dance moves.

Blaine and Anthony are our favorite types of couples to work with because they aren’t afraid to break conventions, and we especially loved how the floral elements were focused on leaves rather than blossoms because it made their approach feel even more unique! It was the ultimate proof that there’s no single way to do a wedding – minimal does NOT equal plain and boring, and if a convention like florals isn’t your jam you can put a spin on it and make it work in a way that feels more YOU.

This wedding wasn’t just one of our highlights of 2021, it was one of our favorites of all time – from the decor to the fun we had spending time surrounded by the love and support of two incredible families every second was a DREAM. I can’t describe how soul fulfilling it was seeing the photographs we took during the Galindo’s engagement session decorated throughout the venue and on their GORGEOUS invites and stationary – It warmed my heart remembering how it felt to capture their love for the first time, and reminded me of how far we’ve all come throughout the pandemic and the strength of the love we were there to celebrate. They’ve become two of our closest friends and we wouldn’t be here today without their unconditional support throughout our journey, so it filled us with so much love knowing we played an important part in theirs, too.

Explore all of our favorite details from Blaine and Anthony’s big day below (and what our goal is to manifest more of in 2022!) and and if you’re planning your own wedding check out the other beautiful, unique lgbtq+ weddings we’ve been a part of this year by reading more on the blog for inspiration and the BEST inclusive, queer-friendly vendors in Hosuton, Austin, Dallas, Texas & beyond!


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